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This series is a stylised approach capturing body activist and writer, Gina Tonic. South Wales is historically absent from a female voice with its strong male presence of mining communities, all male voice choirs and rugby tribes. Gina and I are from similar areas of the South Wales Valleys and wanted to give a realistic look about its communities and characters. Working with a team of Welsh and Wales based creatives, Lily of the Valley shows the true values of life in the Valleys. Charlotte Wilcock styled Gina with references of Paris Hilton 2000s aesthetic with suggestions of 40s/50s pieces that celebrate the body.

T E A M 
Model: Gina Tonic
Photographer: Megan Winstone
Art Director & Styling: Charlotte Wilcock
MUA: Paisley Thompson-Bailey
Stylist Assistant: Bella Ross
Photographer Assistant: Yushy